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Advocacy Skills

Characteristics that make someone a “Good Co-op Advocate”

Strong inter-personal skills:

• can effectively communicate the needs and best interests of the sector

• able to provide clear and focused arguments/points – i.e., not a “big talker” who goes off topic, but someone who can speak to what’s really important

• a good listener

• able to ask for advice and not give it

• ability to persuade

• assertive but not aggressive



• about the co-op sector in general and the sector they represent specifically

• understand what they are advocating for – i.e., not there to advocate for their own issues

• about the person they are going to meet (or a willingness to take the time to learn a bit about them)



• able to be objective and non-partisan when speaking with gov’t

• not intimidated by meeting with members of parliament

• able to make informed decisions – e.g., doesn’t make up answers but will get back to you with the right answer

• good follow-up skills (i.e., with gov’t, us, etc.)

• takes notes and can respond effectively to meeting

• in manner and appearance

• diplomatic

• honest

• sensitive

• open-minded



• about co-ops and the future of co-ops in Ontario

• about giving the sector a voice in government


7 Responses to "Advocacy Skills"

Hi Paul,
This is a great idea! If we can identify hundreds of Co-op Champions we can build a real movement to support co-op/credit union development in Ontario. Sign me up and please keep up the good work.

Thanks for getting this rolling Peter!

Who else wants to help build the movement?

Oh my god enjoyed reading this article. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

Fantastic, I did not know about that until now. Thanx!!

We are forming a Cooperative Advocacy here in our place…And i intend to get help through this site.
To those who are willing to update me on how to conduct it properly kindly sent it to my email add:


We are just starting,i am working in a local government unit in our place but i want to enhance my knowledge about it..that’s why i sign here…

thanks again,

A great original write-up for the qualities of a good cooperative advocate.I am working in National Cooperative Union of India,the apex body of Indian cooperatives based in Delhi[].It is an advocacy,education and training organisation at the national level for the coopertaive sector.We are trying to popularise cooperative principles in schools recently,which is now one of our thrust areas.It needs strong advocacy skills at a time when the school system in India is very much privatised.Can you tell me about Canadian experience in this field to my email address
Sanjay Verma,Nodal Officer,COOP CONNECT,National Coopertiev Union of India,Delhi

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